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Elliston Park Condos are highly regarded to be the "Crown Jewels"
of Calgary's East Side Condos by the people who live there!
image-photographyOkay so since you have arrived at this part of the website and are reading this... it's pretty likely that you are probably looking at Elliston Park as a potential place for you or you and your family to live. In the event that you don't know anything about Elliston we've put together a little bit of history here for you.

Elliston Condos are thought to be a complex of three frame built low-rise apartment buildings because all three are built in a row on 17th Avenue SE but that's not entirely accurate. While these buildings were built in a row they were not all built at the same time. Two of the buildings, EP1000 & EP2000 (Corp# 0012203) were built in 1999. The third building, EP3000 (Corp# 0313599) was build in 2004 on a separate parcel of land.

Since there are separate Condo Corporations, two Boards of Directors and two Management they will have very different stories. How one corporation operates may be more or less acceptable to you as they differ from each other with regard to rules, policies, fees, expenses and financials etc. Be sure to do your due diligence in evaluating the buildings and management... it's in your best interest that your Realtor be at least a Calgary Real Estate Board CCS Certified Condominium Specialist and preferably have experience in Elliston Park Condos as well. Now for those who don't know it there's a lot to love about living in an Elliston Park condo. They're widely thought of as one of Calgary's best keep secrets with regard to the amount of bang that you get for your buying buck... especially by all the current Elliston Park condo owners.

For starters Elliston Park's apartment buildings are located right across the road from Elliston Park on (International Avenue) 17th Avenue SE. Everybody who lives here loves how quickly you can go where-ever you want to go to do what you want to do. That's because living in Elliston puts you smack dab in the middle of everything plus you're also just minutes from Calgary's downtown core OR just minutes to be able to get out of town.

Something else Elliston Park people love is the park (Elliston Park) in fact it's also a really big deal for people who don't even live here as well. Some of the Elliston condo people like being able to walk over to the park for a while and let their kids burn off some energy in the playground. Others go there to walk or run around the lake. Some go to run their dogs in the off-leash dog area and some just go there to relax and look at the lake from the benches. Lastly Elliston Park is visited by people from all over the world at least once every year at GlobalFest the world class fireworks competition.

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Snapshots of Elliston...
What Elliston Thinks About Elliston
It's Smart To Find Out About A Community Before You Buy There...
Who Better To Get The Low Down From Than From The People Who Live There!
stock-1Adam & Brooke H.
EP2000 - The Robson

"Our Robson in the 2000 building was perfect for us. The price was low but the apartment was awesome and even large enough to start our family. We particularly loved the north side ground floor location because it gave us lots of street parking and really quick access"
stock-2Eleanor M.
EP2000 - The Premiere

"My unit, the Premiere, is amazing with major must haves like... the full width sun room, a big master bedroom, and of course a fireplace. I went for the underground parking when I bought which was especially nice in winter. I also appreciate having the park so close as well."
stock-3Eric & Gladis M.
EP1000 - The Windermere

"Being one of the first original owners we had pick of the litter as far as floor plans go. The Wndermere is like a 1300 sq ft bungalow nestled inside of an apartment building with a park lake view. Being this nice, cheap to buy and close to downtown... what's not to like about that?"
stock-4Ken M.
EP2000 - The Vista

"I bought in Elliston because it was close to everything and cheap! Also my North side second floor Vista in the 2000 building gave me two bedrooms with two bathrooms separated with the living-room so I could have company visit me and still keep my privacy."
stock-4Randal P.
EP3000 - The C Model

"I bought in the Elliston 3000 because it was exactly what I needed, at a price I could afford, and it was close to everything! I have two jobs and don't drive so having the bus stop right out front made getting downtown quick and pretty painless even in the winter."
stock-4Jennifer & Glen S.
EP3000 - The P1Model

"Our top floor P1 in the 3000 building gives us what we think is the best possible view of Elliston Park that there is in all of Elliston. For instance watching the GlobalFest fireworks from our balcony is always amazing and way better than actually being there."
stock-4Jodie P.
EP2000 - The Premiere

"Being a young mom with a baby and a dog our Premiere in the 2000 building was perfect. We got the two bedrooms and baths that we needed and the sun room gave us our darts room. Lastly being on the ground floor made taking the dog out to do his business a snap."
What You Get With Elliston Park Condos
While there are numerous differences between Elliston's two corporations...
The following are what all three buildings offer in common.
  • Elliston Park's Condo Fees Include Everything Except Phone & Cable!
It's very hard to find any condominium complexes that include everything except phone & cable in the condominium fees. While it's cheap to live in Elliston it's also much easier to budget for.
  • Elliston Park Condos Have State of the Art Electronic Security & Surveillance!
All three buildings have electronically secured entrances with a phob entry and intercom system. In addition to that there is also an abundance of video surveillance monitoring as well.
  • Elliston 1000, 2000 & 3000 Have Pet Policies That Includes Dogs!
This is a very big deal because almost ZERO apartment condos allow Dogs to live onsite. Elliston Condos are unique and invaluable because they do accept dogs (within reason) with written Board Approval!
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